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by admin in on September 25, 2020

Welcome to Facebook Ad IQ Academy

Facebook Ad IQ Academy review is Maxwell finn for real?Sup ya’ll I’ve taken a lot of courses and plenty of Facebook ad courses in my day, gotta say this one had much hype around it.

So ya boy had to check it.

Facebook Ad IQ Academy

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that much because I had recently invested in a $10,000 one on one coaching with a facebook ads wizard & super affiliate Carlos Cruz. (he’s friends with John Crestini) as some of ya’ll know.

But Max Finn I believe did very well with this course. Just off the bat, the things that I liked and stood out to me.

  • Maxx Finn tests pretty well, not just some marketer that became successful last year. He’s an actual entrepreneur. Facebook advertising agency is not his only business.
  • Very impressive case study: Max generated $160,000 in sales with less than $10,000 ad spend.
  • This course is not just about e-commerce, Max has experience crushing it with info products as well as affiliate products.
  • Using Facebook Live videos and turning them into advertisements. Goes deep in this one, lots of potential here.
  • “The future is messenger” Facebook’s new feature where you can send automated private messages to your audience. Incredibly powerful marketing tactic in my opinion. It’ll ding their phones as if their friend messged them. I’m starting to get some these days…by John Crestini.
  • Facebook Ad IQ Academy

The course is great. Tons of content and some of it is on the cutting edge like the live video & messenger

If you’re a big time facebook ad spender & still on the fence, I’d say you will definitely find a few things in this course that will make you your money back and more.

It goes far beyond pixels & retargetting, ya dig?

With so many Facebook ad courses out there these days, it was definitely hard for me to make an investment on this one thinking its just gonna be the same ‘ol same ‘ol but this one was worth it in the end I believe.

I think Facebook advertising is great, I use it sparingly.

But it’s definitely not the main part of my business. After trying out affiliate and e-commerce Shopify on facebook.

I still prefer building my business around Free Traffic.

Especially when you got a system that generates cash for you without spending a dime on an advertising platform

shout out to my mentor that taught me everything


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