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Julie Stoian – The Digital Gangsta

by admin in on September 11, 2020

The Digital gangsta Masterclass is an online course by Julie Stoian that teaches users how to make and execute the launch of their online courses and services online and generate sales for the same.

This series comprises of step by step procedures which online marketers and teachers can apply to their course regime and improve their sales and increase earnings. Will it be effective in 2020?

Who is Julie Stoian?


Julie Stoian is a famous marketing consultant and tech expert who is known on the internet for her brand, Create your Laptop Life.

Julie started her profession as a writer and then turned into a blogger.

The New York Times and the Washington Post noticed her talent. They applauded her social media tactics which were distinct and useful.

Julie is a divorcee and became a mother in the year 2014. After these drastic changes in her life, she decided to make ends meet. She worked hard and turned her hobby into a profitable business.

Julie works as an online strategist for the notable brands Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson.

She has spoken on various global platforms including BBC World  Have your Say, Anderson Live, and GoDaddy.


Julie’s skills have also been showcased on numerous popular marketing podcasts, videos and series including Content Academy, GoDaddy Garage Blog and Rachel Ray among others.

The Digital Gangsta Masterclass Summary


– The Digital gangsta Masterclass is a free series which teaches bloggers and writers about generating sales and making the most of their leads.

– The best part about this masterclass is how each step has been explained in detail with examples.

– As per my experience, this series is excellent not only for beginners but also for instructors and teachers who are now willing to take their business online.

– This Masterclass will teach you how to start your own online business from scratch. It will also teach you how to make it successful.

– The masterclass has paid special attention towards answering the common queries which every new online entrepreneur seeks answers for.

– Julie Stoin has also shared insights into her huge data bank and shared her personal experiences behind gathering the same.


The speaker has explained each and every concept very precisely. And she shared multiple examples and case studies to provide pieces of evidence of every theory she states.

This masterclass is free and limited seats are available for enrollment in the same.

How I earned 6 figures this 2020

I like the fact that it’s free especially for beginners out there. But if you really want to excel this 2020 you need to invest in your skill that can give you high income. Just what I did. Once you were able to harness the power of your skills then you will be able to see a lot of opportunities.

My High Income skill is Lead Generation using free traffic. This business is very scalable. Here is an example of one of my lead gen sites that generates $750 per month


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